Your guide on designing a survey

When you need to collect customer feedback, conduct large-scale market research, or simply find out what your audience thinks, online surveys become an indispensable tool. In this review, we will help you choose the best service to design a survey correctly.

How to promote your company with the help of a marketing survey?

Audience segmentation is not just about identifying different groups based on some criteria, but also understanding how these groups relate to your goals. The way how accurately you define your target audience will determine not only the response to the survey, but also its effectiveness.

Marketing surveys should be conducted regularly, even if you think you have already studied your audience inside and out. Over time, it may well change, motivation is also fickle, and sometimes you may launch a new product on the market, the reaction to which cannot be predicted without research.

Conducting an audience survey is an essential part of promoting any company. Using questionnaires, you can test new products and business ideas, evaluate customer and employee loyalty, conduct various marketing and social research, etc. In order not to compile questionnaires manually and not waste time searching for the right questions, use the services of survey services that offer ready-made solutions and convenient administration tools.

The best online survey service

So how to conduct an online audience survey easily and not spend a lot of time on compiling questionnaires? The answer is simple – use ready-made forms offered by special online survey services. 

The reliable website in offers a variety of question formats, including multiple choice and long answer questions. Respondents can upload their images and videos as responses. The form can be sent by mail and shared in instant messengers.

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